The Ultra P.C Whiney Hipsters are Ruining Brooklyn!!

Published April 4, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

I was born in Brooklyn, I have lived here for the better part of my life, and now it’s being infested by something far worse than any bug….HIPSTERS!!  If you are lucky enough to live in a city where you are Hipster free, let me explain  what these people are.  They are self-important, super politically correct, organic vegan, hemp wearing shmucks who feel it’s their duty to show the rest of us the error of our ways.  I would like to point out that with all their ranting about saving the earth and buying local produce they all have iPhones, made by Asian children making slave wages, but that’s getting away from my point.

These hipsters have always been mildly annoying…being rude in Fairway, or Trader Joe’s, the riding their bikes wherever they want, their stupid obnoxious kids. However now, a group of these awful mothers is trying to ruin a day at the park.

As a kid, playing in the park it was a great treat to get an ices when I was hot and sweaty and on my way home.  Though it wasn’t an everyday thing, I enjoyed it when I got it, and when I was told no, yeah I got upset but I learned to live with disappointment. Which is an important life lesson for a kid, learning when you hear no, it means no.

These hipster mothers in Park Slope, Brooklyn want to ban ice cream trucks and carts from the park, because they feel they shouldn’t have to fight with their kid over the word no?!?!?  How about they learn to be a real grown up and say no to their kid?  If their obnoxious little brat cries every time it hears the word no, then you have failed as a parent. If the kid cries LET THE KID CRY!!!  It is a parents job to teach their child they can’t have everything they want whenever they want it!!

What about the parents who want to buy their child ice cream on a warm day in the park? Or the adults who want ice cream on a warm day?  Do these women really feel that the universe revolves around them? Silly question..of course they do.  If they didn’t they wouldn’t be pushing for the ban of ICE CREAM in the park. 

A parent who co-founded says statistics back her up, and blather on about childhood obesity and diabetes, but come the frack on!!!  No one is insisting the kid have an ice cream everyday!!!  She goes on to say she feels she shouldn’t have to hear her child beg for ice cream.  To which I say again….GROW THE FRACK UP AND LEARN TO SAY NO TO YOUR KIDS!!! 

These mothers are so afraid of having their kids cry in public that they want to take away any right to fun others might want to have?  If your kid begs for ice cream you tell them no, and let them cry or carry on and eventually they will learn as they should that not every want will be immediately satisfied. You can’t ruin everyone’s day in the park because you are bad parents who are raising whiney demanding children who feel they have the right to whatever they want. 


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