Why The United States Needs Election Reform.

Published June 7, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

The candidate with the most money, has often won an election.  However now that candidates, especially GOP candidates are getting money from special interests groups, and corporations, it’s time that the public stand up and shout that we will not be manipulated anymore. We need to make a point, as voters that our votes cannot be bought or influenced by a barrage of ads that manipulate the truth and outright lie.

The public needs to wake up and pay attention to whats going on around them.  Our democracy is being bought by corporations who use politicians as puppets to carry out their agendas in government.  Between voter suppression laws, and young voters believing their vote no longer matters, we as the left are not putting up much of a fight.  The GOP is organized, their voters ALWAYS come out and voter, the young and the old, men and women.  Liberal voters need to start doing the same thing.  Don’t let voter suppression laws stop you, insist on your right as an American to vote for whomever you think is the best candidate!!  

I say no matter who is running, no matter what they are running for, each candidate gets a certain amount of air time, radio time, and print ads funded by the local government (or federal depending on the election)  and it’s completely even.  Donations from interest groups and corporations, should be made illegal, because how can a politician be working for the people when they are busy working for the interests of the people who got said politician elected?

Every voter matters, no matter if they are a republican, or democrat, or independent. Each voter should exercise their right, to vote for the best candidate. However it should be based on FACTS not which candidate spends the most money, not which candidate is getting an unlimited flow of money from the G-D DAMN KOCH BROTHERS!!!  These people that donate huge amounts of money are slowly gaining control of our government, pushing through their own legislation, and that is not what a democracy is!! 

For example, the recent vote for a cigarette tax in California.  Last month the polls had the people voting overwhelmingly in favor of a tax, and now when the vote actually happened…after the tobacco industry spending 50 billion dollars in advertising against the tax, the people voted the tax down, all because an industry spent billions of dollars.  In Wisconsin Scott Walker became the only Governor in U.S history to fend off a recall election.  The right funneled a ridiculous amount of money to Walkers campaign, starting before Christmas!!  Even with the huge voter turn out, that piece of slime still won. People voted against their own interest all because Walker could afford to bombard people with manipulative ads.

I realize the problem also lies with people who sit back and choose not to get involved, who don’t care what happens because they can’t see how it effects them.  I just don’t understand that mentality, because every law that passes effects our lives, every union stripping law, or law about same sex couples, taxes, everything effect us. 

If history has taught us anything it’s that if the people who govern gain too much power they will want more and more until the people are no longer in control of their own lives anymore.  We need to stop the erosion of our rights now, before we look around and wonder what happened.

To quote one of my favorite movies “People should not be afraid of their government,  governments should be afraid of their people.”


4 comments on “Why The United States Needs Election Reform.

  • The government should fund ads? If the government provided money for ads, this would mean that we’re funding ads. The government doesn’t have money, unless we give it to them. So, for your idea to work, our taxes would be raised to pay for ads to fund incumbent campaigns. (Nearly all legislation that covers elections is incumbent friendly, because the incumbents are the ones voting on it. With that in mind, you better hope your guy is the incumbent.) As for corporate and special interest money being illegal, how about we concentrate on the integrity of the politicians we elect. I realize this is a pipedream, but I’m sick and tired of all of this election legislation focusing on the donors. Why don’t we get more legislation against possible corruption of the politician? Because they’re the ones voting on it. Scott Walker won based on the results he provided the state in his near two year run. He got election money from nouns (people, places, and things) based on his accomplishments. Rather than focusing on why Scott Walker got more money, Democrats should focus on why they didn’t. Why did the DNC turn Barrett, and the Lt Gov, and the state senators back when they asked for more money? The good people of Wisconsin voted in their best interests not in the special interest public union. They believed Walker’s budget repair bill was better than the public union’s desire to continually syphon cash from their pocket books. I whole heartedly agree with your quote, “People should be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people.” But it looks like you and I have different ways of approaching the same quote.

    • First let me say I misquoted that line and I will fix it shortly.

      That said I have to wonder what exactly Walker accomplished aside from stripping workers of their collective bargaining rights? Walker did not win on merritt he won because he was given unlimited resources by the GOP. And yes I do believe that electns should be funded by the people. The power to elect should go back to the people rather than be put in the hands of corporations and interests groups. Donations should not be allowed, the only reasons the are allowed by business’at the moment is because they are considered individuals for some inexplicable reason.

      Elections should be decided on the best candidate not the one who can raise the most money, politicians should remember they are in office beckon serve the people not the industries.

      • As for the accomplishments, he says that Wisconsin has added 23,608 jobs during his tenure as Governor. He says that property taxes go down for the first time in 12 years on a median valued home. The public unions were too demanding in Wisconsin. Walker beat them back…a little bit. He asked for public sector union workers to contribute to their retirement packages. He basically won twice in two years. He was given money by the GOP. Why wasn’t Barrett given money by the DNC? I have no problem with corporate money, special interest money, or any other money as long as it’s domestic. I had no problem with Barack Obama squashing McCain with corporate, union money, special interest money, and all of the small contributions he got from website donations. Money is vocal support from individuals, and individuals comprise corporations, unions, special interests, etc. I’m not sure why I should be more bothered by money coming from corporations versus that which comes from unions? Politicians should serve the interests of corporations, special interests, and the rest of the U.S. If they don’t do this properly, they should be removed from office. We don’t need more laws on corporations or anyone else. We have the highest corporate taxes in the world, and I’m sure we’re close to the top in corporate regulations, and laws against corporations. Free the private sector up and strangle government excess, and this nation will prosper.

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