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My Problems With Lesbian Porn

Published July 17, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

Go ahead roll your eyes, at me for analyzing porn of all things, but I’m sorry I have several problems with lesbian porn. Lets start off here by saying, I am by no means an expert on porn, lesbian or otherwise, BUT I have watched enough to know how ridiculous most of it is.

Lets start off with the most important issue: LESBIANS DON’T SCISSOR!!! I have yet to meet a lesbian who would scissor with a partner rather than just use their natural appendages or a toy. Why you ask? First of all it would take forever to get off in such a manner, and second there is the whole chaffing thing. It’s boring and uncomfortable, and there are many more efficient more enjoyable ways to have sex.

Next why in the hell do these women rub their tits together? I admit boobs are not all that important to me, as in being attracted to another woman, but I do love a woman’s boobs no matter the size. I love to do many things to them, even feel a woman’s naked skin pressed against mine, but I have never really felt the need nor have I gotten any pleasure just rubbing my boobs against another woman’s.

Then there is the whole butt bumping thing? Now to be honest, I have only seen this in a couple movies, but the confusion was enough that I felt it should be mentioned in this post. I mean two women literally get down on all fours and bump their asses together…maybe this is a fetish I am not aware of? I thought I knew most of the fetishes floating around out there, but maybe this is a new one I haven’t heard of yet?

Then we have the use of toys….which I absolutely condone, and enjoy myself with my DGF. However the way they are used is a little on the “that would never happen that way” side. I understand everyone has their own thing, and different things turn on different people, BUT why are the women in these movies sucking on dildos like that is just the missing piece of the puzzle? I can see a person wearing a strap on getting all turned on by their partner sucking the dildo that is strapped to them. However in these movies the women are just sucking on them just because it seems like they need something to suck on…..and yes, these women are never supposed to be actual lesbians, they are just supposed to be women that are “experimenting”, but really they like dick. I’m sorry to tell you, I myself have never felt the need to just start sucking on a dildo while in the middle of sex, unless it was otherwise requested of me, or seemed like it would turn the other woman on.

Now this is an important one; most of the women in these movies only use the tip of their tongue while going down on their partner. I say most, because I have seen the occasional movie where one or both women get into it, and shove their whole face in there, but for the most part the women only use the tip of their tongue. Again, that would never work out in a real situation, it would seem like you’re scared, or disgusted, and no woman would be able to relax enough to get off with a person who is so timid. Oh!!! AND there is the whole stop/start stop/start thing that keeps happening in these scenes!! A woman needs a certain amount of consistency in this situation in order to get off and in my experience a woman would not be able to finish with all the stopping and starting and switching methods that happens in these movies.

And lastly there is the lack of variety in the appearance of lesbians in these movies. I know that there is a type that is most mainstream in porn, but what I am referring to is varying degrees of femininity/butchiness. I don’t find hard butches attractive myself, but once in a while it would be nice if these movies showed a little more variety in the look of the lesbians. Just for a touch more reality.

Now I know that porn is supposed to be a fantasy, and mostly MALE fantasy, but now that women more openly admit to watching it maybe there could be a little more reality involved in these movies. I would love to see a porn with a lesbian COUPLE not just two suite mates bored on a Saturday night who go at each-other, because they can’t find a man. I would also like to see more butch women in porn, more realistic situations, and more women who at least act like they are into what they are going.

Hi there, Sally

Published July 6, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

As a rule, I am not a fan of books that are made into movies. I am a stickler for the details in the books, and I notice right away when those details don’t make it into the movie.  However I do LOVE when books I like are made into movies, and when they are made well I get even more psyched.

I read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books a few times before I saw the the movies (to be clear I have seen all three Swedish versions, and the recent American version) and I found almost no flaws with them.  I loved the movies from the very first scene, Noomi Rapace who plays LIsbeth Salander was JUST how I pictured her in my head. In fact every character was fairly close to how I pictured them in my head while reading the books.  The movies followed the books almost exactly, which I love, and I was able to totally focus on Lisbeth (rather than picking out the inconsistencies) and all the pain and humiliations she survived.

To be honest, the reason I watched the Swedish made movies had nothing to do with any purist attitude, or loyalty to how the author wanted his books made into motion pictures. It was simply because by the time I read all three books, all three Swedish versions had been finished and all of them were on Netflix. 

That being said I am awfully glad I watched those versions, because now having seen both the Swedish and American version I have to say the original Swedish movies are far superior.  So the American version had a huge budget?  The Swedish movies are still so much better, they feel more real to me, the scenes have a lot more depth, and seem much closer to the vision created by Stieg Larsson

Not that the American version is bad by any means, (and for me to say two different version of a movie made from a book are good, is a miracle) you should definitely see the America version.  I would just HIGHLY recommend also seeing the Swedish versions as well.

These were some of my all time favorite movies based on books, granted the list is short, but that just makes my list all the more prestigious.