Published September 28, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective


So up until recently my DGF lived pretty far away from me.  To catch you up, she moved away for a job, we stayed together and made it work.  However the planets aligned in such a way that she was able to move back here.  Not just to the area but into my apartment. 

This is the start of an exciting new adventure, and I look forward to discovering it, I am just UNBELIEVABLY nervous that I will find some way to screw it up.  I have never lived with anyone before (I know I know GASP a lesbian who has never lived with anyone before)  so I have never had to share my personal space or be accountable to anyone else on a daily basis.  Not that I am whining about this, I would not have it any other way, just a little nervous is all. 

Now that the DGF and I have moved all her stuff in, and we have boxes eeevvverrryyywwwhhhereeeee I have to say I thought the whole process would be a lot more difficult.  I thought I would be freaking out a little more having to move my stuff around in order to fit her things in along side mine, but it has been pretty easy.  I thought we would have fought while JUST THE TWO OF US moved her things out of her apartment and into mine, but we didn’t.  I though the boxes everywhere would make me nervous and crazy, but I am pretty relaxed. 

I have to say I am pretty excited at the prospect of seeing her gorgeous face on a daily basis, and being able to go explore this beautiful city together will be a great pleasure.  All these things make me happy, but I have to say the best thing so far was making dinner together.  Just hanging out in the kitchen we laughed and talked, and it was comfortable and domestic and it felt all warm and fuzzy.  In short all the events thus far have made me very happy, aside from the slight moments of panic that I am somehow going to fuck things up.

I shall report back from my grand adventure periodically to let all those following behind me know what lies ahead of them.


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