Why God-Des and She’s new video, G-d I Know You Love Me speaks to me

Published February 1, 2013 by asickandtwistedperspective

I admit to being a little biased here, as I am an avid God-Des and She fan (The female hip hop/soul duo), however I have to say this new song, “God I Know You Love Me” is one of their best.  It speaks to me particularly because I consider myself a religious person and have found it difficult in the past to reconcile my religion and my sexuality. 

I was raised a semi-religious Jew going to Yeshiva for many years before public school. To this day my father is an extremely religious man known as Lubavitcher.  I struggled for a long time, not understanding why if G-d made people and G-d made me, why was I this way? I was angry and resentful, and I felt betrayed by a G-d I thought was supposed to love me.  Then one day I realized; G-d and faith (no matter what faith you are) is about love, and PEOPLE make it hateful, not G-d. 

Suddenly I felt at peace, I accepted who I am, and who I love and my faith has never been stronger. I love my Jewish faith and it’s long history of survival, I find it fitting that the Jewish people are fighters, and survivers. I find peace in a G-d that loves and wants people to be good, and happy people, not because they are threatened with hell, but because they just ARE good people who are loved, and who love.

Which is why, I loved this video so much.  Granted I believe it’s centered more around the Christian faith, maybe Catholic?? I am not sure if the other sects have nuns…?  I feel it can speak to anyone who has struggled with their faith and their sexuality. 

The video is full of great symbolism, there is a person of color playing G-d, the red lighting in the church which is counter intuitive, the hateful preacher….Look for She as the nun, and God-Des as one of the parishioners also. 



on iTunes:  http://tinyurl.com/USGNSitunes

friend them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/therealgoddesandshe?fref=ts


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