Why The Hell Do You Care What People Look Like?

Published May 24, 2013 by asickandtwistedperspective

As women we know the impossible standards society puts on us. To stay young, be beautiful, be thin, be whatever everyone else wants us to be.  What about what WE want to be?  What about what makes US happy?

I was watching a video on YouTube recently about that guy from A&F saying he was only going to carry women’s sizes up to a size 10.  The video was saying the man was wrong obviously, but it was the comments on the video that really bugged me.  Calling people who are overweight “salad dodgers” and lazy slugs.  Conversely there are people who whine about thin women needing a cookie, or a burger.

Honestly why the hell do you care what someone else looks like? Unless you are sleeping with them, or they are your kid, it’s really none of your business how someone chooses to live their life.  If someone wants to spend their days sitting on the couch eating cans of frosting and watching Dr. Phil then how does that have anything to do with you? If a woman chews her food and then spits it out so she can stay thin enough to shop at her favorite stores than again how does that affect your life?

Now if any of you are about to comment about the cost of healthcare in the country, and how much obese people cost YOU, let me just  stop you right there.  Let’s talk some stats

  • $44.7 billion, for inpatient services.
  • $45.2 billion, for non-inpatient services.
  • $69.3 billion, for pharmaceutical services.
  • $146.6 billion, across all services.

Staggering isn’t it?  However, when I tried to look up the cost of Anorexia nervosa to the American people there is no such information available.  I did see something about the average cost of treating someone with Anorexia Nervosa is upwards of around 30,000 dollars, and most E.R visits are heart or bone related.

I am considered overweight, though my only health problem is asthma which I’ve had since I was 14, and was at a healthy weight.  I am perplexed by our societies obsession with what other people look like.  What makes you think you have the right to judge someone else on their pant size? I would never walk up to someone who was thin and tell them they are unhealthy and need to eat more. Would you?

My point here is, everyone has their issues. We live in a society that is obsessed with food, and how much food we eat, what we eat, what’s in it, how does it taste.  You know because it has to taste gourmet, and has to look pretty but it has to be organically grown, and whole wheat blah blah blah.  We constantly compare ourselves with others, are we thinner, fatter, prettier, younger?  My question is, what the fuck does it matter?!?!? 

Why do you care what I look like? Why is it ok to judge people you’ve never even met because you think they are too thin or too fat, or because you don’t like the way they dress or do their make-up? More importantly why do you concern yourself with how others look?  They don’t affect your life, just because you need an ego boost you think it’s your right to shame people for looking contrary to what our society has deemed beautiful? 

 Well I wasn’t consulted when what is considered beautiful was voted on.  I refuse to conform or judge others because they don’t meet societal standards. I find this is especially prevalent in groups of women. Women just LOVE to judge other women for their looks, when really it should be women who are making other women feel good about themselves.  It’s other women who should be supporting those who others tear down.  But no it’s always women who are the cruelest to other women, because women have very fragile egos, and they feel better when they mock other women they feel are beneath them. 

Well this goes out to all of you who think you’re better than others because you think you’re prettier or thinner, or have better clothes, or make-up. FUCK YOU YOU”RE nothing. You are a person just like everyone else, and you must have a really low self-image if you need to talk shit about others who have more confidence than you do.  Say whatever you want about me, it makes no difference, I think I am a beautiful person, I KNOW that I am.  I may wear a size 18 and I may have big tits, but I love my body.  I like looking at my dinner and not feeling guilty.  I love salads, and fruit, and vegetables, I eat a well rounded meal with CARBS (gasp) I just happen not to lose weight as easily as you. I also think YOU are beautiful.  I think thin women who eat as much as they can but can’t gain weight are beautiful, I think ALL women are beautiful.  Hairy, bald, thin, fat, tall, short, make-up, no make-up, strong, weak, young, and old.  We are all beautiful, and we should all know that. 

We should all learn to see that beauty rather than focus on what we see as flaws. Because flaws are subjective, they are a matter of opinion, not based on fact. Shaming someone for how they look, or how many men they’ve slept with, or if they were raped is like a disease, and should be cut off like an infected limb.





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