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Remaking Little Shop of Horrors….AGAIN!!

Published May 4, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

You grow up loving certain movies, especially us children of the 80’s.  The age of the terrible, campy, bad effects movies.  Sadly the age we live in, has become all about the huge CGI effects, the stories aren’t important anymore, and more to the point….there are very few original stories being put out anymore.  Movie studios want a solid fan base, it’s less of a risk that way.  They remake movies so they have a built-in fans, before the movie even opens.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has expressed a desire to remake Little Shop of Horrors!!!  I’m sorry, Joseph but no one can replace the brilliance of Rick Moranis as Seymore….or Ellen Greene as Audrey, Steve Martin as Orin the crazy dentist, or Bill Murray the masochistic patient!!!  None of this chemistry can be recreated, and why would anyone want to?!?!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of remakes in general.  In fact I hate them, with a fiery passion.  In this case, as in a few others I think it’s a tragedy for an already suffering film industry.  Rumor has it that Zooey Deschanel will be his costar.  ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME?!?!?  It’s bad enough the untalented twit thinks she can sing, and actually has a band, but now she’s going to be taking the role that Ellen Greene blew out of the water?!?!?!?!  Her flimsy little voice can never even come close to the awesomeness that is Ellen Greene. 

Now I know what you’re going to say….technically the 1986 version was a remake, BUT it’s kind of like the musical remake of Mame…they are separate entities.  The original version based on “Green Thoughts” by John Collier came out in 1960, and had a young Jack Nicholson in it.  It was not a musical, and used the original intended ending, as did the 1982 musical, in which the whole cast dies, and Audrey II has babies. The ending in the 1986 movie version changed the ending to a happy one after negative audience response. 

Is it too much to ask that we get some ORIGINAL material in movies?!?!?  Oh no, we don’t want the writers the movie studios employ to strain their brains too much!!  The atrocious version of Footloose that came out recently is proof, as is the recent remake of Dark Shadows.  What is wrong with the original versions of these?? 


The best LGBT Themed Movies…In My Opinion

Published April 4, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

Yes I know there have been plenty of lists, and articles, and video made on this subject, but this one is different.  It’s by me, and my taste in movies LGBT themed or not is impeccable.  Now my criteria for a movie making this list, is as follows:

  • An actual plot, just having gay people in it, is not good enough.
  • Intentionally funny/dramatic
  • Positive characters, not the stereotypical gay character that sleeps with everyone
  • The chance I would ever see it again

10. I Love You Phillip Morris.  I was skeptical of this movie, because the main character is a con man, but in the end I feel it’s about a man who has the courage to admit to his wife, and child he was gay.  He loved a man so much he broke out of prison 4 times to be with him.  It proves that love is love, and it’s a universal thing that people will go to any length for the person they love.

9.The Itty Bitty Titty Committee Such a great movie!! I love the feminism in this movie.  I wasn’t too crazy about the ending, but that aside…some great, strong female characters. I enjoy that this movie challenges traditional ideas of what is attractive, and that it promotes individuality. Also there is a FTM trans teenager as a important supporting cast memeber, a group I feel doesn’t get enough attention in this genre.  Also some seriously attractive women in this movie.

8.The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy Yes I can feel some of you rolling your eyes, and to that I say; OPEN YOUR MIND A LITTLE!  Yes it’s a romantic comedy, but that does not automatically make it lame.  The characters feel real, one becomes emotionally invested in their story. A mark of a great story. Not every story needs major amounts of action,

7.Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.   Anyone who loves movies, and is gay knows what this movie is really about.  As a matter of fact anyone who knows movies knows what this movie is really about.  For it’s time it was a great movie about a tortured man who loved his best friend, and lost him.  Her became bitter and mean, unable to live the life he wanted with who he wanted, and watching everyone deal with what they know but can’t mention makes for a great movie, and a great representation of what many gay people went through in that time.

6.The Incredible True Story of Two Girls in Love Cliche you say?  Well maybe but, so what?  Cliches are cliches for a reason.  I still like this movie, because it is defiant of stereotypes and all about accepting that people can’t help who they love. Even though Evie is wealthy and has a demanding mother she pursues a relationship with Randy who is lower class and to be honest probably has no hope of higher education. The ending is a little ambiguous but it’s up to the viewer to decide how the two end up.

5.But I’m a Cheerleader I have a bit of a soft spot for this movie.  Aside from first discovering my future pretend wife Clea Duvall it was the first movie I saw with openly gay characters that weren’t portrayed as ridiculous or evil.  They story pokes fun at gay rehabs, which I enjoy and Grahm is a great tortured character.

4.Lost and Delirious   It’s a rough one to watch.  At first it’s all hearts and rainbows until some nosey fucking kids have to walk into a room without knocking. (Another reason why I hate kids) It’s tough to watch someone be too much of a coward to stand up to the judgment, but people will be people.  It’s a rare person who can shrug off what other people think to be with someone they love, not everyone is strong enough.

3.De-Lovely I love Cole Porter, and it’s wonderful to see a gay man not hate the woman he is married to.  Cole Porter loved his wife, even if it wasn’t romantic, and she knew what and who he was, and afforded him the freedom to do what he needed.  They had a wonderful relationship, and he loved her, and saw her as his best friend for the whole of their life together. His romances were wonderful as well, but I believe Linda was his soul mate (in a friendly way)

2. Venus Boyz I am not so crazy about the American clips in this movie, but the British shots, where the FTM trans community are attempting to carve out their own place in society, outside of gender roles. Many in the gay community (especially lesbians) look down on the trans people in our community but they belong as much as any of us, this film I think shows the plethora of reasons people have for choosing another gender, and casts a positive light on their choice.

1. Aimee and Jaguar My absolute favorite movie. If you don’t mind subtitles its so amazing.  It’s funny, and sad, and has the backdrop of taking place in Nazi Germany.  Its funny, and smart, has many plot twists, and of course romance…however flawed that romance may be.  Should you like this movie, the book is also quite amazing.

There you have it my list of the best LGBT themed movies.  Tipping the Velvet gets an honorable mention, but did not make the list, because I am not so crazy about how the plot develops, however it’s worth seeing at least once.  I did not include documentaries( with the exception of Venus Boyz), because I feel it’s an entirely different genre and I plan on writing another post about them.  Hope you enjoyed, and if you feel I left something out please let me know.

I Want My Money Back!

Published January 10, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

I am enough of a horror movie fan to know, when one goes to see a horror movie, one does not expect too much.  Often the movie turns out to be more funny, than it is scary  which let’s face it, is half the appeal.  The other half being seeing people killed in all kinds of interesting ways. The bloodier the better.

It was with this in mind that I went to see The Devil Inside.  Which……HUGE MISTAKE.  Of all the times I’ve wished to get moments back in my life….I want that one hour and twenty-seven minutes of nails on a chalkboard awfulness back!!  Or my thirteen dollars, but I would rather have the time back.  I don’t know if this is common knowledge but if  one leaves a movie less than halfway through, you are entitled to ask for your money back.  I am sorry to say I sat through the whole thing, and therefore was not entitled to a refund.  But I digress…..

The movie is shot as to be a documentary about a woman whose mother is now in mental institution in Rome, after having killed three people during her own exorcism.  An interesting premise, but the premise is the only interesting thing about the movie.  All the best parts of this movie, are shown in the commercial. To be fair, there are two scenes in the movie that I actually did like but, the rest of the nonsensical footage  is just filler. In one of only two scenes with an actual exorcism, a woman is tied to the bed, and inexplicably starts bleeding copiously from the vagina. She is not being touched, or violating herself with anything….she just simply startes bleeding.  I find this scene incredibly offensive.  The filmakers obviously think a woman’s bodily functions are the most horrifying and shocking thing they can think of.  Which brings us to the ending….one of the worst, most unlikely endings I’ve ever seen.  I say this realizing suspension of disbelief is necessary for watching this genre.   It was just an all around, unpleasant experience. 

In my opinion, the movie was so bad, because the flow was jerky, and predictable, and because there was barely a plot to follow.  It was the kind of movie, one could text, or use the computer, while watching, and still know what was happening the whole time.  I read somewhere that this is happening a lot, that media is becoming increasingly dumbed down in order to accommodate people who want to give their attention to more than one thing at a time.  All I can to these people is PUT THE FRACKING PHONE DOWN YOU’RE RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US!! 

That is all.