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We Are Stronger Together

Published June 23, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

It is human nature to distract ourselves from unpleasant situations.  I’ve done it, I’m sure all of you have done it as well.  However when distraction is used as a political tool it makes me very angry, and I am confused as to why more people don’t seem to see it.

I sit and I watch the news (the real news, not the crap that is on local stations) or I listen to it on the radio, or read the paper, and there seems to be so much focus on issues that do not and should not matter at this point.  We have a national debt that is over 15 trillion dollars, the unemployment rate is at 8%, economies all over the world are in trouble.  American civil rights are being eroded and it never even makes the news, Congress is so partisan they cannot get anything done that benefits anyone.  The list goes on and on, but these issues hardly ever make the news.

The reason, in my opinion is because the people are being distracted by the new attack on civil rights going on.  All this attacking of LGBTQ people, attacking the rights of women, stripping collective bargaining rights, it’s all a smoke screen.  Don’t get me wrong, going after civil rights should be reported, and it is a horrendous goal for a country that was based on personal freedoms, however I wish the general public would wake up and realize it’s not about democrats or republicans anymore.

At this point both sides are corrupt, and taking money from special interest groups, and (forgive me for generalising) neither side is interested in helping Americans anymore.  Why should same-sex marriage even be an issue when it’s always religious objections these people have, or abortion for that matter?  Why aren’t our senators and representatives working to create jobs, or get people who can’t afford health care help?  Why are they not helping people being foreclosed on because of bad loans?

There are so many more important issues to be addressed, but instead people like Speaker Bohner waste time, and TAX PAYER MONEY on fighting same sex marriage, states are wasting time and money passing bills that strip women of their right to choose.  It’s so rampant I am forced to accuse the right of taking advantage of a precarious situation in order to further their own agenda. Not only do they get to distract the public by inciting furious debates and hatred, they get to push through laws that strip people of basic civil rights without anyone paying attention.

If people would unite against a government that doesn’t care anything about them unless they have millions to donate to their “campaign fund” we would be so much better off, than fighting one another over inconsequential issues.