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Why Being Attracted to the Same Sex Is Perfectly Natural

Published March 27, 2013 by asickandtwistedperspective

I know people are always going on about how G-d said homosexuality is wrong because it appears so in the Bible, and the 10 commandments.  However ,many people misinterpretor just plain misuse the exactly 9 mentions of homosexuality in the Bible, old and new testament.

In the book Leviticus, in the old  testament. it states that you should “not lay with mankind as with women kind. That is detestable.” Now as with so many verses in the bible this is open to interpretation; it could just mean “listen man, you are going to be having a WHOOOLLEEE different kind of sex with Dan than you are having with Beth.”  Or some scholars have come to believe it means that it’s speaking of abusive sex.  Whatever the meaning it does NOT say hook up with your best bro and you’re going to hell.

In Leviticus 20:13 it says “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”  Now because those of us brought up in the Jewish or Christian religions were taught to believe homosexuality is a sin we automatically read this to mean homosexuality is a sin.  However if you really read it it does not say that, it could be part of the  Holiness Code, or again it could just be speaking to the type of sex people are having. 

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is more interesting in my opinion, and I’ve always enjoyed it. Traditionally this story had been widely and misleadingly taught as being about a town full of depraved sex addicts who wanted to rape the angles who delivered Lot. HOWEVER if any of these people who are always quoting scripture bothered to read the bible they would know what it ACTUALLY says. Ezekiel specifies that the city was destroyed because of its arrogance, apathy towards the poor, and committing “abomination.” The word used in Leviticus 18 and 20 in reference to homosexual acts, as well as in other parts of the Bible to refer to various forms of idolatry and other undesirable actions. The Talmud also interprets the towns sin as a lack of charity NOT homosexuality. 

There is also in the bible, the stories of  David and Jonathan in the Books of Samuel which is the story of two men who were “beloved in life, and in death were not parted.”  In fact upon Johnathan’s death David says; “Your love to me was more wonderful Than the love of women.” But of course Christians and Jews seem to overlook this as a story of romantic  love.

Now if you are not a believer ( I believe in G-d not the Bible stories) there is the evidence of the 1,500 different species of animals that have occurrences of homosexual and/or bisexual relationships from mammals to worms. Homosexual in this context refers to mating games, actual intercourse, and genital stimulation.

As we humans are just evolved animals obviously certain individuals tendencies to be attracted to the same sex is not unnatural but in reality pretty common. So common in fact that it should be boring by this point, because really who the hell cares who is sleeping with whom as long as you aren’t sleeping with someone with a partner. In that case I’ll bet a few people will be interested in who you’re sleeping with.

In conclusion my fellow LGBTQA people we are as natural as anyone else who chooses to be with someone of the opposite sex. We are important to society, we are a strong, beautiful community of weirdos, artists, professionals, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, brothers, sisters, and most importantly PEOPLE. So next time some narrow minded hateful douche spouts bible verses at you, or tells you you are unnatural know that WE occur everywhere, in almost every species and if these people believe that G-d created everything than obviously G-d created ALL of us.



Ally or Enemy?

Published October 16, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

Every LGBTQ person has had their own experience with coming to terms with their own sexuality.  For some of us, coming out was a non-issue, and for others it was a life altering experience.  With all that said, the one thing we all have in common is that we all went through the process, and now accept our sexuality as part of who we are.  

According to Timothy Kurek who lived for a year as a gay man, working in a “gay cafe” and hanging out at a gay bar he did it because as a Christian he was anti-gay until a friend of his admitted to him she was gay.

OK so I know some of you will say what he did could be seen as admirable, but I just don’t see it that way.  I think what he did was deceitful, and a huge insult to his gay friends.  To make light of something that is so apart of who we are, something we are fighting so hard to gain equality for can only be an insult. 

Even worse than going “undercover” in the gay community, is that he recruited his gay friend to pose as his boyfriend to keep men from hitting on him.  Poor baby couldn’t just say no thank you? Or how about sorry, I’m just not interested?  This friend of his who posed as his boyfriend should be ashamed of himself for helping this affront to his community.  A community that he does not have the luxury of walking away from when he decides his experiment is over.

So now that he “came out” as straight on NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY to his family, he gets to walk away and go back to the life he had previously.  So maybe he doesn’t want the friends who dropped him after he told them he was gay, so what?  The point is now his mother who wrote in her diary “I would rather a doctor tell me I have terminal cancer than have a gay son” gets to breath a sigh of relief that all her “prayers” were answered.   He can continue on like nothing happened, go back to having a relationship with his mother as if nothing ever happened. 

Maybe Mr. Kurek did what he did because he wanted to understand his gay friends better, but maybe not.  Either way now he gets to profit off exploiting the LGBTQ community.  He gets to talk about his harrowing experiences, and be seen as a hero because he was willing to do such a thing.  My question here is this, why did he have to go “undercover” in the community?  Why pretend to be gay, why not just be an ally, and activist if he really wanted to help his friends or understand them more?

We Are Stronger Together

Published June 23, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

It is human nature to distract ourselves from unpleasant situations.  I’ve done it, I’m sure all of you have done it as well.  However when distraction is used as a political tool it makes me very angry, and I am confused as to why more people don’t seem to see it.

I sit and I watch the news (the real news, not the crap that is on local stations) or I listen to it on the radio, or read the paper, and there seems to be so much focus on issues that do not and should not matter at this point.  We have a national debt that is over 15 trillion dollars, the unemployment rate is at 8%, economies all over the world are in trouble.  American civil rights are being eroded and it never even makes the news, Congress is so partisan they cannot get anything done that benefits anyone.  The list goes on and on, but these issues hardly ever make the news.

The reason, in my opinion is because the people are being distracted by the new attack on civil rights going on.  All this attacking of LGBTQ people, attacking the rights of women, stripping collective bargaining rights, it’s all a smoke screen.  Don’t get me wrong, going after civil rights should be reported, and it is a horrendous goal for a country that was based on personal freedoms, however I wish the general public would wake up and realize it’s not about democrats or republicans anymore.

At this point both sides are corrupt, and taking money from special interest groups, and (forgive me for generalising) neither side is interested in helping Americans anymore.  Why should same-sex marriage even be an issue when it’s always religious objections these people have, or abortion for that matter?  Why aren’t our senators and representatives working to create jobs, or get people who can’t afford health care help?  Why are they not helping people being foreclosed on because of bad loans?

There are so many more important issues to be addressed, but instead people like Speaker Bohner waste time, and TAX PAYER MONEY on fighting same sex marriage, states are wasting time and money passing bills that strip women of their right to choose.  It’s so rampant I am forced to accuse the right of taking advantage of a precarious situation in order to further their own agenda. Not only do they get to distract the public by inciting furious debates and hatred, they get to push through laws that strip people of basic civil rights without anyone paying attention.

If people would unite against a government that doesn’t care anything about them unless they have millions to donate to their “campaign fund” we would be so much better off, than fighting one another over inconsequential issues.

The Guest Blog That Never Was

Published May 10, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

A blogger I follow asked her followers to write some guest blogs recently.  I was very excited about it, because I love her, and as anyone who has ever met me, or read anything I’ve written knows, I like to talk.  I wrote about how difficult it is to be “femme” in the gay community.  I spoke to some of my friends to get their perspective as well, I sent a copy to my DGF (dear girlfriend) to get some proof reading, I was very excited by the whole process, but alas it was not to be.  She was very kind about it, but she wanted tweaks to it I was not happy about making so I politely declined. However I still think it was good so I want to put it out there.  Here you go:

When I first got up the courage to come out as a gay woman, it was a proud and scary time in my life.  I lost some friends, but I was confident that being part of the LGBTQ community would afford me the opportunity to meet new people.  I was certain that we would have many things to bond over, and my new friends would understand my story, but as is so often the case things are never like you imagine them.

I am what is known as “femme”, and as I discovered the lesbian community is very segregated.  In all the community events I was a part of and of all the groups I joined, I felt like I HAD to hang out with other femmes.  Many of the butch women, or even the women who were neither femme nor butch looked down on, and judged me.

In bars and clubs I was constantly asked if I was bi, or just curious.  I was met with a lot of accusations of not really being gay because of the way I dress, because I wear make-up, and do my hair.  It was bad enough I was being judged by my family and my straight friends, but now I was being judged by the very people I was sure would have understood and accepted me.

Meeting women was especially difficult for me.  I was either just assumed straight, accused of being bi, or I was not “gay looking” enough (yes that is actually what someone said to me).  I did find it easier to meet women online, (though I would advise anyone who does this to be very careful, and to take precautions) which turned out to be the best thing I ever did.

I had spent years pretending to be something I wasn’t before I came out, and I decided that I wasn’t going to go back to that. I was going to be who I was and I refused to care what other people thought about me.  Since I could not fit in anywhere, I made a group that fit me, and now I have a great diverse group of friends who are gay, straight, butch, femme, trans, and asexual.

Of course everyone’s experiences are different.  I asked some of the femmes I know about their experiences, and they varied.  Some had nothing negative to say about their encounters, and others were much worse than mine. One friend actually chooses not to be part of the gay community at all beyond her partner, and therefore has had no experience good or bad.

My favorite thing said on the subject in all my questioning was:

“To accommodate anyone’s need to not be rejected. If I cut my hair shorter, wore “lesbian” clothing, and my whole identity was just  being a lesbian, then it would be a false depiction of my SELF.”

It is my favorite because I think it affirms that before any of us belong to this group, or that group, we have to be ourselves first. So let people judge me if they like, whether it’s out of fear of rejection or stupidity it’s going to happen, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I am happy with myself, and I hope my friends who have experinced the same thing are happy with themselves too.