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We Are Stronger Together

Published June 23, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

It is human nature to distract ourselves from unpleasant situations.  I’ve done it, I’m sure all of you have done it as well.  However when distraction is used as a political tool it makes me very angry, and I am confused as to why more people don’t seem to see it.

I sit and I watch the news (the real news, not the crap that is on local stations) or I listen to it on the radio, or read the paper, and there seems to be so much focus on issues that do not and should not matter at this point.  We have a national debt that is over 15 trillion dollars, the unemployment rate is at 8%, economies all over the world are in trouble.  American civil rights are being eroded and it never even makes the news, Congress is so partisan they cannot get anything done that benefits anyone.  The list goes on and on, but these issues hardly ever make the news.

The reason, in my opinion is because the people are being distracted by the new attack on civil rights going on.  All this attacking of LGBTQ people, attacking the rights of women, stripping collective bargaining rights, it’s all a smoke screen.  Don’t get me wrong, going after civil rights should be reported, and it is a horrendous goal for a country that was based on personal freedoms, however I wish the general public would wake up and realize it’s not about democrats or republicans anymore.

At this point both sides are corrupt, and taking money from special interest groups, and (forgive me for generalising) neither side is interested in helping Americans anymore.  Why should same-sex marriage even be an issue when it’s always religious objections these people have, or abortion for that matter?  Why aren’t our senators and representatives working to create jobs, or get people who can’t afford health care help?  Why are they not helping people being foreclosed on because of bad loans?

There are so many more important issues to be addressed, but instead people like Speaker Bohner waste time, and TAX PAYER MONEY on fighting same sex marriage, states are wasting time and money passing bills that strip women of their right to choose.  It’s so rampant I am forced to accuse the right of taking advantage of a precarious situation in order to further their own agenda. Not only do they get to distract the public by inciting furious debates and hatred, they get to push through laws that strip people of basic civil rights without anyone paying attention.

If people would unite against a government that doesn’t care anything about them unless they have millions to donate to their “campaign fund” we would be so much better off, than fighting one another over inconsequential issues.


Why The United States Needs Election Reform.

Published June 7, 2012 by asickandtwistedperspective

The candidate with the most money, has often won an election.  However now that candidates, especially GOP candidates are getting money from special interests groups, and corporations, it’s time that the public stand up and shout that we will not be manipulated anymore. We need to make a point, as voters that our votes cannot be bought or influenced by a barrage of ads that manipulate the truth and outright lie.

The public needs to wake up and pay attention to whats going on around them.  Our democracy is being bought by corporations who use politicians as puppets to carry out their agendas in government.  Between voter suppression laws, and young voters believing their vote no longer matters, we as the left are not putting up much of a fight.  The GOP is organized, their voters ALWAYS come out and voter, the young and the old, men and women.  Liberal voters need to start doing the same thing.  Don’t let voter suppression laws stop you, insist on your right as an American to vote for whomever you think is the best candidate!!  

I say no matter who is running, no matter what they are running for, each candidate gets a certain amount of air time, radio time, and print ads funded by the local government (or federal depending on the election)  and it’s completely even.  Donations from interest groups and corporations, should be made illegal, because how can a politician be working for the people when they are busy working for the interests of the people who got said politician elected?

Every voter matters, no matter if they are a republican, or democrat, or independent. Each voter should exercise their right, to vote for the best candidate. However it should be based on FACTS not which candidate spends the most money, not which candidate is getting an unlimited flow of money from the G-D DAMN KOCH BROTHERS!!!  These people that donate huge amounts of money are slowly gaining control of our government, pushing through their own legislation, and that is not what a democracy is!! 

For example, the recent vote for a cigarette tax in California.  Last month the polls had the people voting overwhelmingly in favor of a tax, and now when the vote actually happened…after the tobacco industry spending 50 billion dollars in advertising against the tax, the people voted the tax down, all because an industry spent billions of dollars.  In Wisconsin Scott Walker became the only Governor in U.S history to fend off a recall election.  The right funneled a ridiculous amount of money to Walkers campaign, starting before Christmas!!  Even with the huge voter turn out, that piece of slime still won. People voted against their own interest all because Walker could afford to bombard people with manipulative ads.

I realize the problem also lies with people who sit back and choose not to get involved, who don’t care what happens because they can’t see how it effects them.  I just don’t understand that mentality, because every law that passes effects our lives, every union stripping law, or law about same sex couples, taxes, everything effect us. 

If history has taught us anything it’s that if the people who govern gain too much power they will want more and more until the people are no longer in control of their own lives anymore.  We need to stop the erosion of our rights now, before we look around and wonder what happened.

To quote one of my favorite movies “People should not be afraid of their government,  governments should be afraid of their people.”